lundi 28 juin 2004

U$A : [PAJU1] Juifs dans le gouvernement ricain (1999)

lundi, juin 28, 2004
U$A : [PAJU1] Juifs dans le gouvernement ricain (1999)

U$A : [PAJU1] Juifs dans le gouvernement ricain (1999)

Je suppose que ce n' est pas être antisémite, ni raciste, que de publier ce texte à titre de pure information .... ??? Chacun se forgera sa propre conviction...

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Subject: [PAJU1] juifs dans le gouvernement américain (1999)


Aperçu des juifs au gouvernement americain (1999)

1. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
2. Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin
3. Secretary of Defense William Cohen
4. CIA chief George Tenet
5. Head of Nat. Sec. Council Samuel Berger
6. Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman
7. Chairman of the Fed. Res. Board Alan Greenspan
8. Health Care Chief Sandy Kristoff
9. Head of Voice of America Evelyn Lieberman
10. Under Secretary of State for Europe Stuart Elsenstat
11. U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky
12. Chief Aide to the First Lady Susan Thomases
13. Heads National Economic Council Gene Sperling
14. Heads National Health Care Policy Ira Magaziner
15. Deputy Secretary of State Peter Tarnoff
16. Ass. Sec. of State for Congressional Affairs Wendy Sherman
17. On Board of Economic Council Alice Rivlin
18. On Board of Economic Council Janet Yellen
19. Presidential Advisor Rahm Emanuel
20. Council to the President Doug Sosnik
21. Deputy National Security Council Jim Steinberg
22. NSC Senior Director for Speechwriting Anthony Blinken
23. Drug Policy Coordinator Robert Weiner
24. Special Liaison to the Jewish Community Jay Footlik
25. Presidential Personal Chief Robert Nash
26. Presidential Attorney Jane Sherburne
27. Asian Expert on Security Council Mark Penn
28. Communications Aide Robert Boorstine
29. Communications Aide Keith Boykin
30. Special Assistant to the President Jeff Eller
31. National Health Care Advisor Tom Epstein
32. National Securit7y Council Member Judith Feder
33. Asst. Sec. of Veterans Affairs Richard Feinberg
34. Deputy Head of Food and Drug Admin. Herschel Gober
35. White House council Steve Kessler
36. Asst. Secretary of Education Ron Klein
37. Director of Press Conferences Margaret Hamburg
38. Director of St. Dept. Policy Karen Alder
39. Member National Security Council Samuel Lewis
40. Member of the National Security Council Stanley Ross
41. Director of the Peace Corps Dan Shifter
42. Deputy Chief of Staff Eli Segal
43. Dep. Director of Man. and Budget Jack Lew
44. Under Secretary of State James P. Rubin
45. Under Secretary of the Treasury David Lipton
46. Special Council to the President Lanny P. Breuer
47. Special Representative to NATO Richard Holbrooke
48. Chief of Social Security Kenneth Apfel
49. Deputy White House Council Joel Klein
50. Special Advisor to the First Lady Sidney Blumenthal
51. Chief of Food and Drug Administration David Kessler
52. Acting Solicitor General Seth Waxman
53. Presidential Pollster Mark Penn
54. Special Middle East Representative Dennis Ross
55. General Counsel for the FBI Howard Shapiro
56. White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis
57. Secretary of Management and Budget Sally Katzen
58. Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office Kathleen Koch
59. Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta
60. Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve Board Alan Blinder
61. Heads Council of Economic Advisors Jane Yellen

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